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"Just a lazy cat in a dog eat dog world."
-Supreme Beings of Leisure


Dust, old photos, little treasures, lost dreams, odds and ends.
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4625 Winthrop St. Pittsburgh, my old lair once upon a time photo simplesue art room trinkets.jpg

[sticky post]2017...Good Bye to LiveJournal
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Good-bye to LiveJournal, it's been years of fun: http://simplesue.livejournal.com/2008/12/02/
I'm not paying to upgrade so I can post photos.

I'll play here for free:

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ANTIQUES -Simon & Halbig Nun Doll
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady

Such a heavenly gaze.

Her habit/clothing little moth eaten.

Marks as they appear on the back of the head.
Can't find the exact Simon & Helbig mold marks anywhere on internet.
Most have "Santa" added to mold number 1249, and none in size "9" head.

She remains a mystery for now.
And it takes a lot of responsibility to care for such an old doll...damn those moth holes in her habit.
Maybe https://www.theriaults.com will have some information.

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KITCHEN - Inspiration
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady
Decisions, decisions...
I like the feeling I get from this kitchen.

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SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady
I've been invited to join a yoga class at the gym.
For years I've been a little curious what the big attraction is with Yoga, so I finally googled it and my instincts are right, I'd hate it, it sounds dreadful.
I'm into "inspiration" not "discipline".


I'd rather dance.

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STRAY CAT - Built a Shelter Today
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady
I have no idea where the stray black cat sleeps.
It was sleeping on the porch furniture before it started snowing.

But decided it's time to make a cat shelter, as the weather is like winter again, after those 50 and 60 degree days last week.

My photos of the cat shelter box look lame but it turned out quite well.
Double foam insulation around a cardboard box with a cotton rug on flooring, and all inside of a big waterproof construction strength garbage bag.
Flooring actually is triple layered foam.

Of course I couldn't simply place it under the porch I had to dig a hole to squeeze it under the lattice and then move it along as best as I could to position it at the opposite end of the lattice...but it's done.

Added a rug in front with cat nip to attract the cat's attention to it.
Added a white piece of paper to see if I can get some footprints to know if it ever finds it or uses it.

And as I was beginning to build it Hectorious could not resist going in and checking it out...so it's been cat-approved.

I suspect sometimes it's under the porch waiting for me to give it food on some days, as it appears suddenly once the can is opened.
I sure hope the poor thing finds and uses this shelter.
It stays much dryer under our porch floor than above it, so it should be fine.

At least I can sleep better knowing I did what I could, and it has this box to find to sleep in, which is better than nothing.
It's still too afraid to even make eye contact with from inside the front door when it eats, but I want it to get to know my face.

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JANUARY 30, 2017
UPDATE- Pretty sure it has found the cat shelter, the foam has been pulled out a little, the rug outside the box moved a bit- probably eating the catnip I put there to lure it.

January 30, 2017
UPDATE-Later... CAT TRACKS- It just snowed again. Cat was eating on my porch, it's footprints led back to hole under Ursula's front porch, which is very sheltered from the wind.

SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady
Sue Hazeem and her partner Ben both pass in 2016...the year a lot of friends left this world.
RIP Ben...


Ben and Sue visit...February 2009.

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A New Year 2017
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady
Day one of a brand new fresh year.
What does that mean besides having to think about the date when writing a check?
It's a symbolic chance for a fresh new start in one's life.

I will go to the gym.
Eat healthier.
Attempt to restore two valuable old friendships.
Be a better house keeper.
Get organized.
Clear the clutter in my head, house and garden.
Be content with what I have.
Attempt to paint and draw again.
Find a routine that becomes a good habit.
Otherwise I will default to old routines and habits.

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GARDEN - Last Garden
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady

I suppose this will be my "last garden...unless we move again...and we are free to do so if it suits us, but I want "roots" and time to build some history with this new home of four years.
And I suppose this garden is partially made up of my "last garden" at the Winthrop Street with several rescued trees & bushes, and perennials.
Maybe that will be the name of my garden.
"Last Garden"...with a double meaning....I don't know...sounds depressing.

Last night I was so obsessed with researching miniature roses, and so called purple to lavender roses, that it was summer in my mind.
Then I got off of the computer and looked out the window to see a light dusting of snow on the ground and flakes still falling.

In one way I want a lavender rose, yet they tend to be somewhat dull, and fade to gray.
And then I want a pure red rose.
I've seen a nice burgundy rose on Ellsworth but it is full sized and needs pruning.
I will probably go with a traditional red rose, but miniature and put it in the iron urn I have.
Black iron urn with dark red rose..sounds beautiful.
I still can't decide...and for me it's also about the foliage and shape of bush.

Black Jade™ Miniature Rose
Lightly fragrant, repeat bloomer, 16" - 24" another site say 16-20"


Black Jade almost done blooming and all the problems it has listed.


Then an attractive photo.


Memphis King Miniature Rose
Over 24 inches
A true looking red.


Lavender Crystal Miniature Rose
16-20 inches tall
So many color enhanced photos of the lavender & so called purple roses, but this looks nice.



"Fragrance has never been among the strong points of miniature roses."...
"Interestingly enough, many of today’s most fragrant miniatures come in shades of purple or lavender. One fine example is ‘Lavender Crystal’ (ASAlav), introduced from Japan in 1985. This rose’s scalloped petals show a remarkably clear, cool lavender color – perhaps closer to blue than any rose to date.

At nearly 2 in., the flowers are on the large side for a miniature, but their unique coloration, full rosette form and penetrating fragrance will endear them to gardeners nonetheless."

Source- American Rose Society http://www.rose.org/rose-care-articles/fragrant-miniatures/

If I can't make up my mind I will end up buying one of each.

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GARDEN - Late December
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady

Yesterday I spent 1 1/2 hours outside cleaning up the garden.
I thought I would stop after 25 minutes, I'm so out of shape, and have no energy, and this lame leg has me moving slow.
But I built up so much heat I took my coat off and only wore a tank top...it was about 47 yesterday.
Cleaned up 3 giant bags of leaves, but actually want some left in the fern and Rhododendron area.

The Veronica Georgia appears to stay evergreen, growing under the Lilac start.
Hoping the Lilac is lavender, as Ursula could not recall it's color, but it seems I spotted a flower in spring that looked lavender...hope it was not white...if it is I'm back on my mission to find an old fashioned Lavender Lilac.

Found a small evergreen seedling this summer amongst a bunch of weeds between two fences at the PAA.
Spotted a second one when the ground was frozen, so went back and rescued it today before it is destroyed in the demolition of the parking lot and small building it was behind.
Not sure what it will turn into, as it looks like some bushes from the front of the building that has those small textured needles below a more cedar like yellow needle or whatever you call them.

I've heard the wind chimes more during this winter than I did in the summer.

Hectorious getting some fresh cold December air...not too cold at 40 degrees.

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ART - Gary Bunt
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady
I just came across these amazing little paintings on the internet.
So simple and full of feeling and each is telling a story.
His style reminds me of American Folk Art, but he's British.
He seems so at peace painting...I have yet to get there again.


A nice little documentary video on Gary Bunt.
It always amazes me to see some people feel the need to hit the "thumbs down" symbol on YouTube.
I think it must takes a negative personality- immature & jealous, & most likely it's more about not liking themselves than it is about them not liking a video.

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