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My Life is Perfectly Imperfect.
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady
My life is dominated by dust, dirt and cat fur, and endless chores with so little to show for all the energy I expend...sigh.... A garden that seems cursed and a house that rots faster than we can put it back together again.
It's as if the universe will not allow me to have more free time even though I am free of my job at last. What is it? Being born with Pluto in my 4th house?
I want to blame something.

So anyway...

I found this blog post of someone's charmed life, and I feel somehow comforted knowing something so darling and idyllic actually exists in reality and it is not a dream.
You must take a look at this fantastic blog post!


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Oh! If you only knew the ten years of despair, working two-full time jobs, the grunge work of renovating...I felt like it would never happen sometimes. But it can.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog, linking yours.


Sandy Foster
My Shabby Streamside Studio

Re: My Studio - Thanks!

Oh,I'm sure it was a ton of work...My husband and I have done work on an old house we own in the city (and on rental houses in the neighborhood that we bought- all in need of restoration) and I can still taste the old plaster from gutting damaged walls! Ha ha ha...
I like imagining that one day you just found it sitting there like a little gem, hidden under a tangle of wild grape vines lost to the world for years, with all the beauty inside already!

I love that you are also an animal lover! I will escape my reality and visit your blog again soon, now that I know about it!

Thanks for commenting,

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