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GARDEN - Late December
SimpleSue-my Illustration of Catlady

Yesterday I spent 1 1/2 hours outside cleaning up the garden.
I thought I would stop after 25 minutes, I'm so out of shape, and have no energy, and this lame leg has me moving slow.
But I built up so much heat I took my coat off and only wore a tank was about 47 yesterday.
Cleaned up 3 giant bags of leaves, but actually want some left in the fern and Rhododendron area.

The Veronica Georgia appears to stay evergreen, growing under the Lilac start.
Hoping the Lilac is lavender, as Ursula could not recall it's color, but it seems I spotted a flower in spring that looked lavender...hope it was not white...if it is I'm back on my mission to find an old fashioned Lavender Lilac.

Found a small evergreen seedling this summer amongst a bunch of weeds between two fences at the PAA.
Spotted a second one when the ground was frozen, so went back and rescued it today before it is destroyed in the demolition of the parking lot and small building it was behind.
Not sure what it will turn into, as it looks like some bushes from the front of the building that has those small textured needles below a more cedar like yellow needle or whatever you call them.

I've heard the wind chimes more during this winter than I did in the summer.

Hectorious getting some fresh cold December air...not too cold at 40 degrees.

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